Gold Membership

$17/month billed annually 

plus a one-time initiation fee of $49


Gold Membership Benefits include:

35% off retail prices everyday. No minimum purchase required 

Free next-day pickup at retail stores

Free standard shipping for orders under $500 

Priority customer support access

15-Day Quality Guarantee return & exchange

....A year's worth of wholesale pricing for just about the cost of only 1 hair Install!

VIP Membership

  $39/month billed annually 

plus a one-time initiation fee of $49


VIP Membership Benefits include:

Everything included in the Gold plan Plus...

50% off  initiation fee

50% off  express shipping always 

30-Day Quality Guarantee return & exchange

Priority consideration for Inventory Advance Program

....a year's worth of VIP BENEFITS for just about the cost of only 3 hair installs!

The Buyer's Club was specifically designed to make it easy for hairstylist to buy and sell premium virgin hair to their clients. 

Download our members-only price guide now!

Why become a WhoLESALE BUYER'S CLUB member?   

a program Designed to help Hairstylist earn more money

Problems Selling Virgin Hair...

Identifying a trust-worthy vendor that  provides quality virgin hair. Many hair vendors sell low-quality hair and don't offer free returns and exchanges.

Fast & free shipping. Vendors can charge hundreds for wholesale shipping, especially if they are international and shipping can take weeks.

Big upfront investment.  Many hair vendors require a minimum purchase requirement so you have to spend $1000s before getting wholesale prices

The Wholesale Buyer's Club Solution...

Don't deal with the hassles and risks using  off-shore hair vendors!  

Buyer's Club  members  get wholesale prices off the same premium, long-lasting  virgin hair True Glory Hair is known for.  Backed by our 15-Day  free returns and exchanges, invest in premium virgin hair risk free! 

No more big upfront investment! 

Buyer's Club members always have inventory for their customers. When you become a member you get unlimited access to our inventory with no minimum purchase requirement. Don't want to keep inventory on hand? Members can buy on-demand with fast and free shipping  so no more spending $1000s per order. 

The Buyer's Club was specifically designed to help hairstylist earn more money by selling premium virgin hair to their clients. When you become a member of the True Glory Wholesale Buyer's Club you get unlimited access to wholesale prices every single day with no minimum purchase requirement!  

Download our members-only price guide now!



Becoming a Buyer's Club member is quick and easy. Sign up, pay the membership and initiation fee and get instant access to discounts


As a Buyer's Club member, you gain access to your discount both online and in-stores 


Members get fast-free shipping, hassle-free returns and exchanges

Stylist Inventory Advance Program (beta)

Get hair now. Pay us later.

With the Stylist Inventory Advance Program, Buyer's Club hairstylists can  purchase high-quality virgin hair for resell without having to pay upfront. The purpose of the program is to allow hairstylists to hold small quantities of hair in stock with $0 upfront payment, no interest and no credit check.  Currently, entry into the Stylist Inventory Advance Program is invitation-only. 

download the Buyer's Club price guide

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How much does it cost to be a Buyer's Club Member? 

True Glory’s Wholesale Buyer’s Club membership starts at $17 per month billed annually plus a one time initiation fee of $49. All membership fees, including initiation fee are non-refundable. 

How can I cancel my membership? 

You can cancel your Buyer’s Club Membership at any time and there are no penalties or cancellation fees. To cancel your Buyer’s Club membership, email Unfortunately, all membership fees, including initiation fees are non-refundable.  

How much does the Stylist Inventory Advance program cost?

This program comes with your Wholesale Buyer’s Club subscription. There are no additional cost to be a part of the Stylist Inventory Advance program. Currently, the Stylist Inventory Advance program is invitation-only. 

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping  takes 3-5 business days plus processing time of  1 to 3 business days. We also offer overnight shipping and next day pickup at our retail stores.

How much is the buyer’s club discount? 

To find out the discount for each product download the full pricing list here. The discount applies to every order that you place as long as your membership is active. There is no minimum purchase required. 

How much can I resell the hair for?

You can rebrand and resell the hair for whatever price you think is most suitable for your hairstylist business. 

Can I pay for my yearly membership on a month-to-month bases?

Wholesale Buyer's Club memberships are only billed annually. We cannot process payment on a month-to-month basis. 

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